The largest online platform
to connect hospitalists with hospitals.


  • More Sites
  • More Transparency
  • No Paperwork
  • No Recruiters


  • More Providers
  • Lower Overhead
  • Easier Onboarding
  • Easier Scheduling


We give you the largest number of accurate options
And make it as painless as possible
To start working somewhere new quickly

More Transparency

Want the highest rate? The best EMR? The easiest travel arrangements? The newest facility? The hospital closest to family or friends? Each of us is looking to optimize for different things when we choose a site, and most advertised sites have incomplete, innaccurate or irrelevant data. Our founding team of hospitalists personally visits & reviews every site on Good Medicine.

More sites

We are the largest hospitalist medicine platform in the United States.


No Paperwork. No Recruiters.

We hate filling out forms, too. Every step in the process (onboarding, credentialing, licensing) is either 100% automated or electronic. We don't give your name or interest out to be called 25 times per day by middlemen.


More and better leads
An easier way to manage direct applicants
And your current locum vendors
For a fraction of the fee you currently pay

More & Better Leads.

We have the largest number of freelance hospitalist physicians in the United States. And we only connect physicians with sites that meet their specific requirements.

More Efficient

Manage scheduling, billing, and paying for multiple locums vendors in one place.


Lower Overhead.

We let you go direct to the provider and charge a fraction of the fee of traditional locums companies. And using the platform to manage your existing vendors is free.


Good Medicine exists because that's all we were trying to do —
Show up at sites across the nation and practice what we've learned

In the world of full time locums, we quickly discovered how hard it was to do something we thought would be so simple and seamless.

We thought it would work something like this:
You search a database full of sites that had complete and accurate data about their location, their rate, their working conditions, their average census, the quality of the surrounding town, and maybe even who else we know is currently working there or has worked there in the past, as well as what they thought of it. Then we'd click on the sites that met our criteria and that had dates open that we wanted. Then we'd get a text or email notification of the interview (or rejection) followed by a few forms we'd have to e-sign if the interview went well (or not, if it went poorly). The whole process would take less than a week and we could schedule our first shifts within two to three weeks...right?

Not even close:
We get called dozens of times a week by people that have never even been to the sites, let alone practiced medicine in them, they won't tell us where the sites are, will give us the lowest rate they can negotiate, then mail us packets of paper requesting the same documentation we gave them three times before. And it takes months. And for this service they charge at least a 20% fee.

Because booking a locum job was nothing like booking a hotel, or a flight, or even a job in other industries, we set out to build the platform that would make this possible.

And as we asked hospitals about how they staffed their hospitalist programs, we discovered even more frustrating issues: managing multiple different vendors for the same job, negotiating several different contracts with different pricing, and coordinating employees that have to commute from around the nation. This platform had to make it easier to manage these vendors, manage the doctors, and let them get back to recruiting for full time positions and truly focusing on running a good hospitalist program.

In the process of working at so many sites, we also got to meet several fantastic docs that would also like more transparency, less paperwork, and if possible, to work with people they like.

So we've put together a team of Good Medicine docs, too.

Dr. Majmudar and I were best friends in medical school and we've known each other for almost 10 years. This is the third organization we've started together and the 6th company, between the two of us.

Our beta launch will be invite-only. Let us know if you're interested.